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  • Who are we?
    Local small business based in Bristol, TN who takes pride in providing a service to the people of the community. We started our first business in the waste industry and want to add services to it to simplify things for families and businesses.
  • What areas do we service?
    We services all of the Tri Cities and surrounding areas with plans to expand. Don’t hesitate to request our services. We will do our best to accommodate. Price will be priced per location outside our regular territory.
  • Why do I need to have my trash cans cleaned?
    First and foremost to illuminate the stench. No one likes a stinky trash bin. This can attract unwanted wildlife and rodents. Additionally, trash bins can quickly become a home base for bacteria and mold.
  • Why should I pay to have my cans cleaned when I can do it myself?
    Because it's what we do best!! We have the equipment to clean the cans with extremely hot water and steam (up to 220 degrees) under very high pressure. We use far less water and we collect and dispose of the waste water properly and safely. Just think when you clean your trash cans, you are emptying everything onto your driveway exposing you and your family more.
  • How often should I have my bins cleaned?
    This may depend on where you store your cans. Clients who store their cans in a garage, close to a kid’s play area or patio tend to have them cleaned more often. We recommend starting with a minimum of a quarterly pick ups. You can adjust your frequency of your schedule at anytime.
  • How often will my trash cans be serviced?
    In colder climates, your trash cans may not be serviced during the winter months. When you choose quarterly cleanings, we may service your cans for 3 quarters out of the year. Similarly, with monthly cleanings we may service your cans for 10 months out of the year. You are only charged for scheduled visits. This is all depending on the weather.
  • Do you service businesses?
  • Can I pay in advance?
    Yes we offer discounts for customers who pay upfront.
  • What if I only want my can cleaned one-time?
    Absolutely, we offer that’s service but most people switch to a service schedule once they see how clean their bins are.
  • Do you use harmful chemicals?
    Blue Ridge features an environmentally friendly, biodegradable odor neutralizer that contains natural essential oils to effectively control odors. Depending on the contents, on occasion we may use a biodegradable degreaser to help cut stains and spots.
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