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"If you have trash bins, we will service them for you"

Process & Services

First things First
Choose from one of our convenient bin cleaning options that meets your needs – one time, monthly, quarterly or annually. Tell us the details of when your trash is picked up and we will get you on the schedule. Discounts offered for high quantities. 

Day of Cleaning
Blue Ridge Bins will bring its state of the art bin cleaning truck right to your home or business. This truck was designed to do one thing and do it well– clean dirty trash bins! You don’t even have to put your bins out at the curb, we now offer valet service!   

We rinse the outside of the bins, then use the high pressure cleaning heads on the truck to clean the inside of the trash bins. We collect the dirty water in the truck, so no mess is left behind. There are no harsh detergents or chemicals involved. Just filtered, softened 200°F water, pressurized to 3,500psi. We steam and pressure clean your trash bins! When finished, the bins are spotlessly clean, disinfected and smell like new. The entire process only takes a couple of minutes!

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